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Created on 2009-05-12 01:54:05 (#328589), never updated

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Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:seoul, kanagawa, Japan
~i ♥ them the most~
☆ NewS
☆ TegoMassu
☆ Super Junior
☆ Super Junior M
☆ Super Junior K.R.Y
☆ Super Junior T
☆ Super Junior H

~Other FandomS~
☆ Arashi
☆ BigBang
☆ Hey Say Jump
☆ Hey Say BEST
☆ Hey Say 7

♥ Anime and Manga
♥ Singing
♥ Sketching
♥ Photography
♥ reading books
☆ IchibanS ☆

☆ Tegoshi Yuya

☆ Kim Ryeowook

☆ Lee SungMin

☆ Kwon Ji Yong a.k.a G-Dragon

☆ Ohno Satoshi & Sakura Sho

☆ Hikaru Yaotome & Chinen Yuri

☆ Kamenashi Kazuya

☆ little something bout myself

~name: richeL
~nicknameS: rich, ri, ri-ri, cheche, chel, shiki ^-^
~age: 17 years young, soon to be 18
~ an only child -- yup i dont have any siblings T.T
~ a college student, will graduate in 2 years! YaY!

what am i?
~ am childish! so bear with it :P
~ a sure NewS and Super Junior fan/lover :P (i stalk them LoL)
~ a certified OTAKU! ^-^/
~ a supporter of ASIAN MUSIC, especially J-pop and K-pop
~ a great procrastinator -- i can be SUPER lazy
~ self-centered -- yes i know i am
~ sharp tongue -- can be very poisonous (some of my friends know this very well)
-- i tend to say things that hurt other people but i honestly didnt mean to do that
~ am determine to do things that i like and when i already set my goal -- then must achieve it
~ have a pretty good temper
~ we can be a really good friend. just dont make me mad coz you really wont like it!
* just wanna say this... up until now, no one made me lose my temper YET. so you can say i have a pretty good temper. thats why making me mad means you are really something!
~ live my life once a day
~ people mistakes me to be snobbish but am actually a shy type
~ i have my own world, especially when i dont want to interact with others (yeaah~ kinda an introvert here)
~ i set my OWN rules
~ not a transparent person! NOT AT ALL!

kawaiii~ ne?! i can be like that :P and this tooo~ i wanna be spoiled sometimes :D :D

what do i love ♥
~ loves to watch ANIME and read MANGA
~ loves to sing and to draw (i can say that am pretty good-- fair enough, when it comes to singing and sketching) can make me sing all day but can't make me dance :P
~ say it straight to me, if you have something to say to me say it to me!
~ i love stalking my boys (THEM ^ up there) -l0l-
~ i can love changes, since its a part of my life

what i hate! X
~ i hate losing! i really do!
~ i hate being dictated!
~ i hate making things so difficult when you can have it easy
~ i hate BOASTFUL IDIOTS! -they can go die now-

-fufufufufu- enough of myself now ^-^
know more about my fandoms HERE

Interests (29):

a walk to remember, attack of the pin up boys, bigbang, drawing, especially ryeowook and tegoshi, fangirling, hero, i love news and super junior a lot, j-pop, j-rock, jdrama, k-pop, kdrama, kvariety, last samurai, mystery books, news, paulo coehlo's book, photography, pop, pop-rock, shissou -dead run-, singing, sketching, stalking, super junior, suspense, thriller, twilight
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